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Welcome to bloom season, get out and enjoy the peonies!


We celebrated our 25th annual meeting at Bauman’s Farm and Garden, a family-owned Oregon farm, established in 1895. They offer fresh, locally-grown produce, gourmet foods, bakery, garden plants and more.  Topics for the day included growing peonies from seed, specific outcomes of peony crosses showing the good and not so good flowers. A review of our 2023 garden tours and our annual business meeting.  And of course one of the big draws for our local events at the end of the day is the live auction.

One of the items on the agenda was updating our by-laws and constitution.  Why the changes?  We are looking to reflect the legal description of our society as registered with the Oregon Secretary of State, our bank accounts, logo and social media.  The documents show the word "North West" as two separate words.  We are proposing it be combined into one word to match the above already registered documents and bank account with a single word of "Northwest".  Additionally it was voted to standardize the official abbreviation to be known as PNWPS.

The changes have been approved by the membership on 2/24/2024 and updated documents will be available soon.

Save the date for November 16, 2024, this will be our fall meeting in Mount Vernon, Washington, details posted this summer.

Our Founder: Al Rogers

The Pacific Northwest Peony Society was founded in 1996 by peony lover Allan 'Al' Rogers. He wanted to form a group that got together to discuss peonies and one others' love for the beautiful flower, and then the Pacific Northwest Peony Society was born. They started getting local peony growers from around Oregon and Washington, and it has grown from there. We recommend to everyone to pick up a copy of Al's book, "Peonies" By Allan Rogers, it is a great read, and very informational. 

Al passed away September 23, 2015 at the age of 94.


We welcome, all types of people, commercial peony growers, to landscapers, to home gardeners. The yearly membership fee for a two person household is only $10.00. Join us today!!

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