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June 17 2023 update:

We had a great time on the garden tours, we visited the locations below, and photos are displayed above.  If you have a suggestions for a tour stop next year, please let is know!

Seattle Chinese Gardens, Seattle, WA
Schneider/Corker Residence, Newcastle WA
Smith/Legler Residence, Edgewood WA
Torgrimson Residence, Bellevue WA
Mazzoncini Residence, Carnation WA
Closed Loop Park, Olympia, WA

Our next event will be our fall meeting,  We should have some interactive presentations on grafting, dividing roots and more!  Look for more details in the coming months!

The Founder: Al Rogers

The Pacific Northwest Peony Society was founded in 1996 by peony lover Allan 'Al' Rogers. He wanted to form a group that got together to discuss peonies and one others' love for the beautiful flower, and then the Pacific Northwest Peony Society was born. They started getting local peony growers from around Oregon and Washington, and it has grown from there. We recommend to everyone to pick up a copy of Al's book, "Peonies" By Allan Rogers, it is a great read, and very informational. 

Al passed away September 23, 2015 at the age of 94.


We welcome, all types of people, commercial peony growers, to landscapers, to home gardeners. The yearly membership fee for a two person household is only $10.00. Join us today!!

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