Pacific Northwest Peony Society Officers

Current Officers 


Carol Adelman

Carol Adelman is current president for the Pacific Northwest Peony Society. Carol has been a member of the Pacific Northwst Peony Society for several years. She is an active member of the American Peony Society. Carol owns Adelman Peony Gardens, in Salem, OR.

Peonies are her passion.

Vice President

Mary Mannix

Mary Mannix is current vice president for the Pacific Northwest Peony Society. Mary loves all plants and is involved in many different plant groups and societys. We are lucky to have Mary a part of our society, she has done so much to keep this society active.


Jim Sampson 

Jim Sampson is current vice president for the Pacific Northwest Peony Society. Jim is our auctioneer at our annual auction. We are very thankful that we now have a secretary!


Nick Friend

Nick Friend is current treasurer for the Pacific Northwest Peony Society. Nick came from a family that grew peonies. Nick's father has been growing peonies for many many years.

We also would like to thank the Sampson's for getting donations and putting the annual peony auction together each year. 

We always are looking for volunteers to help out with meetings, flower shows, interesting more gardeners, community peony talks, writing newsletters, taking pictures, and more. If you are interested, please contact one of the officers, thank you.

About Us
Pacific Northwest Peony Society brings together the peony lovers of the northwest. We love to get others interested in peonies and have them join our passion. 
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